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The Little Raggedy Girl

There was once a little raggedy girl who lived with her widowed mother in what could only be charitably called a shack, just outside of town. She had few clothes to wear and those that she had were worn and patched in many places. She was clean and tidy. Her mother saw to that. But, her schoolmates could not see past her ragged clothing and they enjoyed making fun of her.

The little raggedy girl bore the insults of the other children in silence. One little boy, in particular, liked to make fun of the coat she always wore. Like the rest of her clothes, the coat had seen much better days. It was an ugly green color with pulls and rawls all over it. Some places had dark stains that no amount of washing could ever remove...

The Parable Of The Two Screws

Once upon a time there were two screws fastening a vital part of a gasoline engine. One of the screws was haughty and proud of it\’s shining head. The second screw was quiet, intent only on doing its job to the best of its ability.

One day a speck of rust appeared on the head of the second screw. Filled with vain pride of its own beauty, the first screw began to laugh at the second. \”Your head is tarnished,\” the first said to the second. \”Look at you. Your perfect luster is gone.\”

The second screw said nothing. Instead, it concentrated on what it was doing.

\”How ugly you have become,\” the first screw chortled, \”and how beautiful I have remained.\” Then it began to laugh so hard at the second screw that it failed to notice that it was working itself loose...