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?There?s good in everybody. Boost. Don?t knock.?

Little Girl

There is a beautiful
crystal castle
it sits on a hill
and watches the land
The soul owner is
a beautiful little girl
She plays in the garden
has everything she needs
and lives in happiness
One morning she looked
into the mirror
and saw a stranger
It was a woman
and she realised it was
herself, all grown up
In the background
scenes of her future life
flitted before her
She looked deep into the woman\’s eyes
and what she saw made her want to cry
She had never seen or felt
such pain
The woman stared at her
and could not understand
why such a happy little girl
would have reason to cry
The little girl said
\”I am you and you are me
I need you to love me
and I will love you
Take me away from this place
and I will make your heart my home
there is much love there but you
must unlock the door
and w...

A Love Story

One day, I woke early in the morning to watch the sunrise.
Ah, the beauty of God\’s creation is beyond description.
As I watched, I praised God for His beautiful work.
As I sat there, I felt the Lord\’s presence with me.

He asked me, \”Do you love me?\”

I answered, \”Of course, God! You are my Lord and Saviour!\”

Then He asked, \”If you were physically handicapped, would you still love me?\”

I was perplexed. I looked down upon my arms, legs and the rest of my body and wondered how many things I wouldn\’t; be able to do, the things that I took for granted.

And I answered, \”It would be tough Lord, but I would still love You.\”

Then the Lord said, \”If you were blind, would you still love my creation?\”

How could I love something without being able to see it? Then I thought of...

Boat Ride

A priest was taking a tour of biblical sites, when he came to a beach and saw a boat and a sign advertising,


Inquiring about it, he learned that the ride there was free, so he went.

After viewing it, he said to the captain of the boat, \”Ok, I\’m done, let\’s go back now.\” \”That\’ll be $35 to go back.\”

The priest, shocked by the charge, exclaims \”Dang, no wonder Jesus got out and walked!!!\”


It all started when I was 16 years old. While I was playing outside on my farm in California, I met a boy. He was an average kind of boy who teased you and then you chased them and beat them up. After that first meeting in which I beat him up we kept on meeting and beating each other up at the fence. That only lasted for a little while though. We would meet at the fence all the time and we were always together. I would tell him all my secrets. He was very quiet he would just listen to what I had to say. I found him easy to talk to and I could talk to him about everything. In school we had separate friends but when we got home we would always talk about what happened in school. One day I said to him that a guy I liked hurt me and broke my heart...